Faithful Roofing & Restoration takes on the installation task with high-quality window products and specialized experience. As an expert source for exterior building improvements, Faithful Roofing & Restoration has the skills and experience to transform your windows into more appealing and better-insulated components of your property, to help you keep the temperature right in your home for less money. New windows make a huge difference.

Is it Time for New Windows?

Decades of built-up and peeling glazing around your windows, non-operable windows stuck in their casings and unopened for years, noticeable drafts making their way into your house from your window. These are just a few indications that it’s time to contact Faithful Roofing & Restoration and get advice on replacing your windows.
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Factors that point to a need for a new window system

  • Air drafts finding their way inside from windows frames or
  • Condensation on window panes
  • High heating and cooling bills caused by poor insulation
    of your home
  • Aging and rotting of windows and window casings
  • Moisture intrusion under interior molding below the
  • Old, dry weather stripping
  • Light streaming in from cracks around the window casing

Faithful Roofing & Restoration will replace your windows with a
modern, insulating window system that stands up to any conditions
outside. Your windows will never become permanently stuck closed,
your property will look nicer than ever, and its value will be increased.