Working With Us: Our Process

A Simple 6-Step Roofing Process

Nothing should be complicated, which is why our process at Faithful Roofing is simple for residential and commercial business roof installations and repairs. Northern Colorado homeowners and business owners/management love working with our Faithful Roofing team because of our quick and easy process for all your roofing needs! From roof installation to roof repair, this is our process that makes us the best roofing company in Greeley and the entire Northern Colorado region.

1. Contact Us

Our world-class crews take pride in their work and believe in installing roofs correctly the first time. Unlike “storm chasers” who use subcontractors and are gone after the install, we are here to stay and stand behind our work. We love working with you and hope to earn your trust!

2. Get a Free Roof Inspection

At Faithful Roofing, we believe in offering the best roofing services we can at the most affordable price. We want to ensure we’re the right option for you and your roof, so we schedule a free in-person inspection with you! The physical roof inspection entails one of our roofing specialists coming to your home or business location to make a detailed report of identified damages and problems your roof may have. We promise a full inspection that leaves no inch left unchecked.

3. Acquire Cost & Time Estimations

After inspection, our roofing specialist will have a better understanding as to your roof’s structure, the damages, and the estimated amount of time it will take to either repair or install a new roof. Based on a few qualifications such as location, materials, and your roof’s square footage, our specialist will provide you with price and time estimations. These are subject to change based on materials and the actual time spent on the repairs or installation. Majority of the time, we work faster than anticipated!

4. Financing & Scheduling

Once you have an estimation for the cost and allotted time it will take our expert roofing team to work on your roof, it’s time to schedule a project date and payment options. Our team will discuss insurance, roof warranty, city permits, and the materials to be used on the project. Faithful Roofing will then schedule a date to get started on your project and we’ll also inform you of our estimated completion date. Scheduling roofing projects requires 5-7 business days before the start date. Depending on your roofing needs for repair or new roof installation and the materials needed to start on the project will determine the start to finish project dates.

5. Start of Roofing Project

We promise to get started on your roofing project as soon as the contract has been signed and a designated date has been scheduled. In case of an emergency roofing situation for repairs or new roof installation, we may be able to get started sooner! Have faith in us to start on your roof repairs or installation as quickly as we can.

6. Roof Completion!

Finally, our last step is finishing your roof repairs or new roof installation. Faithful Roofing promises that our team of leading roofing specialists will triple-check all of our work on your roof’s construction. We will clean out all gutters, check for proper insulation, and perform a final inspection. Our work isn’t complete until we know you have the safest and best looking roof in the neighborhood! Post-roof inspection includes us checking in with you on your roof repairs or new roof installation to make sure you are completely satisfied with our work. Your feedback matters the most to us, so don’t forget to leave us an honest testimonial online!